My name is Patty

Born in Mexico, I was adopted by Costa Rica at a tender age. For many years I worked in business administration in the shipping industry, a highly demanding career that led me to seek out alternate professional activity to improve my quality of life. It was then when I discovered the practice of Yoga, and sometime later I also became involved in alternative therapies yielding very positive results and igniting a fresh passion in me. I left my job at the time and began my life anew.

I am a Yoga instructor and certified expert in Holistic Wellness by the John Spencer Ellis Institute in California.   For the past 16 years I have been the director of Sadhana Yoga Shala, where I have also taught as well as assisted clients in matters of work-related stress and stress brought on by illnesses such as cancer cultivating personal development among students and clients in the various subject areas currently offered online at our website.

Besides teaching Yoga and conducting workshops on meditation and anti-stress techniques in the private sector, I direct the Vivir en Balance (Balanced Living) radio program on  and I write a column on holistic health for Hospital La Católica’s magazine Salud Integral (Holistic Health). I am a founding member of the Costa Rican Association of Yoga Instructors and I manage two Yoga-based social assistance programs in Santa Ana, Costa Rica.