44630Stress Management

Stress has become our greatest enemy. I offer you tools for you to overcome it so that you can handle external stimuli detracting from your quality of life.  Work and daily responsibilities involve moments of anxiety and a buildup of this feeling eventually affects your health, your mood and even your ability to relate to others. In consultation we analyze different strategies to minimize the negative impact of daily living, giving you simple tools that you can apply even on your desktop at any time of day to easily recover from stress and to perform better at work and in your relationships with your colleagues at work, your partner or your children.

I offer my clients individual consultation online or in-person company level workshops to not only allay the symptoms of work stress but also to increase productivity and improve interpersonal relationships in the workplace.

estresmanejoBody Alignment

I offer you guidance on the importance of movement far beyond just exercise. Postural alignment and body language are extremely important not just to your physical health; by arousing awareness of your own body you improve your insight into your inner being and how you project yourself outwardly.

We now know that your body also influences your mind as much as your mind influences your body. In consultation, an analysis of your body is performed to draw up a completely individualized action plan including simple exercises, posture and observational tips to enable us to work holistically on your inward and outward self for optimal results.

4Mindful Eating

Perhaps the most important factor in nutrition is knowing how to listen to your body so you can meet its basic needs and thereby eat what you need in terms of both quantity and quality. Although food provides structural nutrients (amino acids, fats, sugars, vitamins and minerals) most likely its main property lies not in its valuable physical components but rather in its precisely timed vitalizing action.  In this day and age we have lost our sensitivity for listening to our own bodies, and this leads to disease, excess weight and even to weakening our response to stress. When discussing mindful eating, we aren’t referring to restrictive diets, but rather to models tailored to an individual’s specific nutritional needs. There are general concepts about healthy eating; every individual is different and the benefits of good nutrition can be optimized by improving our connection with our bodies and learning which foods best suit our own type of metabolism.

Aside from benefits to health, what I propose also leads to positive effects on thoughts and attitudes. As a well-known spiritual teacher once said: “your nutrition is reflected in your state of mind; your state of mind is reflected in your thoughts; your thoughts are reflected in your attitude.