«Patty Arroyo helped my mother get through a long, difficult battle with cancer. She is someone with not only an extensive background in yoga and other areas of holistic wellness, but also a great gift for conveying this knowledge to others with patience, love, compassion and empathy. Patty has that sweetness of the Universe within and anyone having the great fortune to work with her will be giving their selves a wonderful gift of enduring lifelong benefit..»

Yani Zelman – Practicante de Yoga

«I met Patty Arroyo  on a trip to Costa Rica.  She helped me change the relationship I had with food. All my life I had struggled with my weight and, thanks to her advice, I managed to gradually make changes that turned my life around. Within six months I managed to lose 45 pounds and keep the weight off. Learning to get in touch with my own body and to appreciate healthy foods made a huge difference in how I eat. During this change process, Patty helped me to look at physical exercise from a different perspective and now I have been walking regularly for almost five years. My self-confidence has improved and I suffer from anxiety much less than before. I recommend Patty as a serious, patient and loving professional».

Reba Hunt – Traffic Manager

«The toughest experience I have ever endured was when I was diagnosed with cancer. At that time the doctor explained that success of treatment depended 50% on the drugs to be used and 50% on my attitude. A family member introduced me to Patty Arroyo, who opened her door to me and my family. She explained meditation to us and about how we can talk to these cells to get them to assist in the healing process.Under Patty’s guidance, I managed to lower the anxiety I was experiencing (brought on by chemotherapy), thereby making treatment much more bearable for me. Despite the adverse effects of the treatment I was receiving, she helped me raise my levels of vital energy and keep me from losing hope in eventually getting better, all of which helped me to overcome the disease four years ago now.»

Lic. Javier Porras – Artista Plástico

«I met Patty Arroyo while in tratment for cancer a process thet caused an emotional upheaval in my life. Through Patty´´ supportive guidance, and her generous doses of simplicity, solidarity, affection, love and patience, I got back on the path that I had begun in my teenage years and from which I had been diverging over he years, i.e., that of relaxation, meditation, positive thinking and the tools that I need to methodically apply in order to move forward through the healing process. Now, one year after my surgery, I am back working as practicing pediatrician a profession which I love so much. I have to thank Patty for her guidance. I consider her an angel who expertly applies light, love, and technique.»

Dr. Rolando Celada Quezada.
Médico Pediatra y de Familia